12 Mar

Why You Should Use Clean & Tidy’s High-Level Cleaning Service

commercial window cleaning
At Clean & Tidy, we have been offering high-level cleaning services to businesses across the capital since the middle of the 1980s. These days, we provide these sorts of services at commercial premises across the entire South-East region. Along with our high-level window cleaning, we are able to provide a range of other services at height including jet washing and solar panel cleaning. Why should you turn to Clean & Tidy to help you keep the parts of your building that are usually out of reach shipshape? Read on to find out.

Experienced Cleaning Operatives

The first thing that is worth mentioning about our cleaning operatives is that they are experienced in all the additional aspects of cleaning that you need to take into account when working at height is involved. Our team of operatives has been cleaned some of the tallest structures in the City of London and elsewhere in the capital, so they know what to do in every situation. If you want your office block, school or halls of residence to be cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom, then there is no better choice you could make. We’ll even provide you with an account manager to ensure everything goes right from the very start.

Trained For Working at Height

It is not just that our operatives know how to get the best, streak-free results when they are providing high-level cleaning services – they have the necessary safety training, as well. Whether it is their qualified use of ladders and raised platforms, such as cherry pickers, or their experience with the sorts of man-safe systems that are needed on the roofs of commercial buildings these days, our cleaners have it all covered. What’s more, we have the public liability insurance required to undertake high-level cleaning, too.

Safety Considerations and Risk Assessments

Bear in mind that knowing exactly what to do in any given situation is just one part of modern health and safety considerations. Many office and facilities managers do not have the necessary expertise in working at height regulations to undertake their own risk assessments fully. This is where Clean & Tidy can help out because we are able to do them for you on a site-specific basis so that not just our cleaners are kept safe but also your employees and members of the public, too.

Sparkling Results

When all is said and done, high-level cleaning is about making your commercial premises sparkle. Of course, keeping windows clean is important for workers inside but ensuring that walls and roofs remain muck-free also helps to make your building more inviting and professional. By procuring the high-level services of Clean & Tidy to clean your office building, warehouse or factory, you can ensure that your brand image is not tarnished by needlessly dirty structures. Whether we are cleaning by hand or using high-tech reach and wash systems, there can be no doubting just what a great job you will get done by turning to us.

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