12 Mar

Top 5 Benefits of Professional Commercial Window Cleaning

commercial window cleaning

There are plenty of good reasons to have your business premises’ windows cleaned regularly. Why should you turn to a team of professional window cleaners who are well-versed in commercial operations to do it for you, though? Read on to discover more about the top reasons you should appoint Clean & Tidy to carry out all of your commercial window cleaning requirements.

1) Multi-Site Cleaning

As a commercial window cleaning company that has approaching half a century of experience behind it, we can offer our customers a professional job no matter where they need it. We clean office blocks, retail outlets, schools and even government buildings all over the capital and throughout the whole of the South-East region. Want to rationalise your window cleaning so that you have just one supplier with an account manager who can look after all of your sites? If so, turn to Clean & Tidy.

2) Safe Working From Height

All of our cleaning operatives are fully qualified for the jobs they perform and have the necessary training and equipment to ensure their safety when working from height. We are well-versed in all aspects of window cleaning tall structures including roof-mounted solar panels, glazed atria and curtain walls. Our team will be able to abseil, use ladders safely and even erect temporary platforms to get to where they are needed without any issues concerning the safety of your employees as well as members of the public.

3) Maintain a Professional Image

Of course, any building which is not cleaned regularly will start to look grubby after a while. Especially in central London and the other urban environments we work in, air pollution can stick to windows. In turn, this lets less light in and can cause issues with a workforce’s productivity levels. In addition, removing airborne pollutants with a thorough wash down will ensure germ levels are minimised. Of course, this will help to add to your building’s image as a professional place to work.

4) Office Cleaning Combined With Window Cleaning

Although you may think that commercial window cleaning only involves the outer glazing of business premises, it can also mean cleaning inside. After all, a window that is only cleaned on the outer pane may still be grimy inside, something that is undesirable in any place of work. As such, why not enquire about our professional office cleaning services and combine them with our commercial window cleaning?

5) Accredited Cleaning Services

Finally, it is worth mentioning that casual window cleaners who do a spot of commercial work alongside their domestic rounds are not usually able to offer the level of public liability insurance that a professional outfit can offer. Likewise, they often won’t have the professional accreditation we do, such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certification, for example. At Clean & Tidy, we are also proud corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc), well worth knowing if you are considering a new window cleaning service provider to bring a sparkle to your business premises’ windows.

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