11 Dec

The Positives Of Having Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

carpet cleaning

Most commercial premises have carpets somewhere even if it is just at their reception. That said, some of the capital’s office blocks are almost entirely carpeted and this means that daily vacuum cleaning will be required. After all, carpets trap dirt and grime that is transferred from outside the building on footwear. This is part of the design of carpets and rugs. They are supposed to hold onto dirt.

However, vacuum-cleaning alone will not maintain a carpet’s cleanliness on its own. Over time, more and more dirt will build up. Therefore, every six months or so carpets with a heavy footfall should be professionally cleaned. Even those which are in less busy areas of the office probably need an annual deep clean at the minimum. Why is it better to turn to the professional cleaners at Clean & Tidy than attempt to do this job yourself?

Access to Carpet Modern Cleaning Technology

At Clean & Tidy, we have all of the latest equipment to clean carpets thoroughly. This comes down to our carpet cleaners, of course, but also the sorts of shampoos and other detergents we will use on your carpets. In fairness, some of the products you can buy at supermarkets do a reasonable job. However, the professional cleaning products we have access to are not available to the general public and they will do a much longer-lasting job. In short, this means having to deep clean your carpets less often, thereby saving your firm money.

A Productivity Boost

Making carpets look cleaner is one thing but removing bacteria from them is quite another. As mentioned, carpets are designed to cling onto dirt. Their fibres also trap microbes and bacteria. Over a long enough period, these germs can accumulate which will tend to affect the health of your workforce. People with respiratory problems tend to suffer the most from carpet germs when they get inadvertently kicked up but they can cause ill health to anyone. Deep cleaning your carpets professionally will remove such germs and lead to fewer sickness days being taken. In turn, this will provide your business with an upturn in its productivity.

Stain Removal

Let’s face it – spillages on office carpets are not dealt with as promptly as they might be at home. In the end, this can result in unsightly blotches on carpets especially in areas close to your kitchen or break-out zone. Vacuum cleaning will not remove tea, coffee and soup stains so a deeper clean will be needed to revive the flooring. This is exactly the sort of professional service that Clean & Tidy offers.

No More Traffic Lanes

You may notice carpet wear and discolouration in places where people walk more frequently. For example, this might be the case in a corridor, an entrance or by the photocopier. These look unsightly and will often make a place of work seem like a drab environment. With a deep carpet clean, these lanes will either be minimised or disappear completely. Why not talk to us about how we can revive your workplace’s carpets? Contact us today for a quote.

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