15 Feb

Take Advantage of Lockdown For Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial upholstery cleaning is a much more in-depth job than merely running your vacuum cleaner over your sofa at home would entail. It will mean applying specialist cleaning products, for example, some of which are not available to the general public. It can also involve the removal of certain fabrics – where this is possible – in order to carry out stain removal processes. In situations where furniture cannot be removed, such as built-in restaurant seating, or where this is not desirable, commercial upholstery cleaning may take furniture out of commission for a few hours.

Although the results you will see from professionally cleaned upholstery are worth it, there is a degree of disruption you will need to put up with. In truth, this is the case whenever you have contractors working at your business premises. Consequently, one of the best times to choose to have such work carried out is when you are shut or operating at a lower than usual capacity. As such, lockdown provides many businesses in London and the South-East with just the right opportunity to get this sort of work completed.

At Clean & Tidy, we already undertake a great deal of office cleaning work as well as providing professional cleaning services to restaurants and other food outlet establishments. What we know is that putting off a deep clean of your upholstery can be a mistake if, in either sort of business premises, stains are left unattended to and upholstery is not spruced up. It is not just that spillages from drinks and food occur in both offices and eateries – they do – but that armrests and headrests will frequently look drab by comparison to the rest of the upholstery.

As a consequence, your workplace can look drab and unkempt although you may not always be able to put your finger on the reason why. With fewer people in the office, making use of you breakout sofas, office chairs and boardroom furniture, the lockdown period is the best time to get everything looking spick and span prior to the expected return of office workers later in the year.

Equally, as the UK’s vaccination roll-out makes the reopening of pubs and restaurants that much more likely, so proprietors ought to be considering the benefits of having their retail areas professionally cleaned. No paying customer is going to want to head out for their first meal out in months only to find that the upholstery they are seated on is dirty and has ground-in grime. It will set the wrong tone entirely because businesses want to promote themselves as attentive and, above all, hygienic today.

Of course, you could put off your required commercial upholstery cleaning until after people have started to resume something much closer to their normal lives. However, this is likely to be a mistake when there is a golden opportunity to have such work carried out in preparedness for that day right now. After all, doing so now means much less disruption will occur so you can maximise your productivity when you reopen as normal. Call us now to see how our fully trained operatives can help.

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