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School & Educational Cleaning Services

At Clean & Tidy, we have been operating as expert cleaning contractors across London for decades. We started out window cleaning across the capital and have since developed into one of the region’s most experienced professional cleaning firms, serving the needs of businesses and educational establishments everywhere.

If you are looking for a cleaning contractor which can fit in with the running of your school, college, university or private educational centre, then there is no better place to turn that Clean & Tidy. We know that cleaning a place of education means that special considerations need to be taken into account and that’s a big part of why we are so trusted by our clients in the sector.

We will adapt our service provision to meet the particular requirements of your school site or campus whilst delivering high-quality cleaning from fully trained, trustworthy personnel. Why not contact us to find out more?

school cleaning
school cleaning service

The Benefits of Outsourcing Educational Cleaning

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing your cleaning to Clean & Tidy. Not only do we have the know-how to deal with all aspects of cleaning – from window cleaning to floor polishing – but we have all of the relevant expertise to work safely in schools and colleges.

This means that you can benefit from a much cleaner teaching environment that allows staff and students to get on with what they should be doing – enjoying a first-class education.

Our services can be adapted to suit any educational environment and we also take into account budgetary constraints that you might be operating under. In short, Clean & Tidy provides high-quality cleaning at extremely competitive rates, something that no bursar or finance director should overlook.

Clean & Tidy Provides a Fully Managed Cleaning Service

Of course, the cleaning operatives we employ at Clean & Tidy are experts in what they do, whether it is conducting the thorough cleaning of school kitchens or providing a deep clean of a higher educational establishment’s student accommodation.

However, what marks us apart from other cleaning firms is that we provide a fully managed service which you can truly rely on. This includes a dedicated account manager, frequent reporting, the procurement of cutting-edge cleaning products on your behalf and even providing 24/7 support where it is needed.

Bear in mind, too, that our services can be turned to during holiday periods as well as throughout term time, so you are always in capable hands.

educational cleaning service
educational cleaning service

Serving All Types of Educational Establishment

At Clean & Tidy, we provide expert cleaning services in all kinds of school and educational establishments. This begins with nursery schools and kindergartens which may share their premises with other service providers in public halls, for example, and therefore need a thorough clean before each session.

We also carry out professional cleaning for child-minding businesses, infant schools, junior schools and secondary schools. We serve both the state-funded and private sectors, working with local authority schools as well as academies.

Indeed, we can provide just the same high level of expertise when it comes to cleaning further education colleges and universities. Why look elsewhere when Clean & Tidy is geared up and ready to go?

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Our success has always been to provide a professional, efficient, reliable service and we are proud to be able to provide the following services to meet your specific needs:

Classroom cleaning

Common room cleaning

Changing room cleaning

Cafeteria cleaning

Computer room cleaning

Laboratory cleaning

Sports hall cleaning

Staffroom cleaning

Office cleaning

Communal area cleaning

Kitchen deep clean

Feminine hygiene service

Janitorial supply service

Additionally, we provide holiday and half term deep cleans and high level cleans to help keep your school looking as good as possible. We have all the necessary plant and machinery to ensure floors are treated correctly and to manufacturers specification so they can last their maximum lifespan.

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