School Cleaning Companies in Canary Wharf

Do you have a school in Canary Wharf? Do you want to keep it as clean as possible? Clean and Tidy is one of the leading school cleaning companies in Canary Wharf. Using industry-approved cleaning products and effective techniques, we will leave your school looking in the best condition.

Our school cleaning services

The cleanliness of your school has a strong influence on the opinions of the general public. When choosing schools, parents and students can be put off by stained floors and dirty classrooms, which can affect your reputation across Canary Wharf. To ensure you make a good impression on students, parents, and visitors, why not arrange a contract with our professional school cleaning company?

Our school cleaning services gives both teachers and students a pleasant, hygienic environment to work in. With our 24-hour customer support service, we can clean your school out of hours, so that students and teachers come in to a spotless school in the morning.

School Cleaning Companies in Canary Wharf

We can clean all areas of your School in Canary Wharf, including:

  • Classrooms
  • Corridors
  • Common rooms
  • Staff rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Computer rooms
  • Sports halls
  • Changing rooms and more

We offer daily cleaning for rooms such as offices and communal areas, and even specialist cleaning for areas such as kitchens and science labs. We can also carry out deep cleans during school holidays and half terms to ensure your school is fresh and ready for the new term. If you wish to find out more about our Canary Wharf school cleaning services, click here.

Why choose our Canary Wharf cleaning company?

We have been in the cleaning industry for many years and have a strong passion for keeping schools clean and hygienic. Since our establishment in 1984, we have built up a loyal client base of commercial customers due to the standard of our services. Our customers know that they will not receive a better service for the same price elsewhere in Canary Wharf.

At Clean and Tidy, we pride ourselves on the affordable prices we offer to schools in Canary Wharf. Other companies may overcharge for the same cleaning services, but we know that your budget needs to be spread across resources for the benefit of your pupils. For this reason, we will arrange a cleaning package to suit your budget and the needs of your school.

All members of staff are trained to clean to the high standards we set at Clean and Tidy. Each employee specialises in a specific aspect of school maintenance, and has an extensive knowledge of both routine and specialist cleaning. For a free, no-obligation quote, get in touch with our Canary Wharf cleaning experts today.

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Forget all other school cleaning companies in Canary Wharf, choose Clean and Tidy for an unbeatable cleaning service. To find out more, call 0207 739 4194 or send an email to