19 Apr

Make Your Workplace Safer Using a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company

Clean workplaces will always be safer than ones which are either contaminated or dirty in some way. Of course, few offices – and other places of work – in the capital are genuinely filthy, although some which handle hazardous and waste material will be. That said, allowing grime to build up in places where people are at work will necessarily mean that they are exposed to more and more dangers. Keeping on top of your cleaning with some casually employed part-timers or asking your own staff to clear up after themselves will not provide the safe working environment that is expected these days. What you need instead is a professionally run commercial cleaning company that can keep your businesses spick and span as well as safe. As a commercial cleaning contractor, how does Clean & Tidy help to maintain safety as well as cleanliness?

Removal of Harmful Substances

Not all businesses deal with harmful substances but many of them will have potentially problematic chemicals and other items on their premises. Perhaps you have old cleaning products or things like paint thinners around the place in storage. Cleaning and tidying away such items will make them much less liable to leaks and potentially causing injuries to employees. At Clean & Tidy, we can assist with poisonous substances, like bleach, and introduce safe and properly tested cleaning products that will cause no harm to anyone.

Marked-Off Cleaning Areas

When everyday cleaning is being conducted, such as mopping floors, the cleaner should be trained to professionally mark off where they are working. This will help to prevent trips and falls, something that could lead to serious injuries among visitors as well as employees, of course.

Better Air Quality

Cleaning ventilation grilles and ensuring that microbial dirt is minimised will help to maintain better air quality. Many people suffer from respiratory problems these days, something that is often made worse by dirty working environments in which things like fungal spores are allowed to breed.

Improved Light

Cleaning your windows and skylights helps to save energy since you will need your electric lights less. However, this does not mean compromising on the amount of light available to carry out work in. Dirty windows lead to dim conditions inside in which dangerous mistakes might easily be made.

Less Risk From Communicable Diseases

Cleaning toilets, lifts and kitchen areas means that fewer diseases will be passed on from one employee to the next. This is a basic sanitary function of all professional cleaning contractors and one that Clean & Tidy takes seriously.

Disposal of Waste

Another important aspect of commercial cleaning is dealing with waste. Food can fester in waste paper bins, for example, while overstuffed waste disposal units often cause safety concerns, too. Turn to Clean & Tidy to take take of them for you.

Clutter-Free Emergency Exits

Finally, never forget the importance of dealing with basic office clutter. If rubbish builds up in the way of emergency exits, then you could face stiff penalties. Worse still, a fire might break out in which people cannot get away swiftly. Why take the risk when Clean & Tidy can keep your business premises shipshape?

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