11 Dec

Keeping Your Office Covid-19 Safe

commercial office cleaning
With the onset of the mass vaccination programme that will mean a return to greater normality in 2021, more and more office workers will be travelling into the office whereas, before, they might have opted to work from home. In some senses, this is a good thing for both employers and workers because it is often much easier for people to work cooperatively with one another when they are in the same physical space.
In turn, this should mean greater productivity is possible.

Indeed, some projects that have been put off, perhaps because they were impractical given remote working requirements, may soon be able to start in earnest. However, workers commuting on public transport and a greater footfall in the workplace will necessarily present challenges for office managers.
Of course, you have probably already put social distancing measures in place but as more people start to come back to work, so adhering to the rules will necessarily become that bit harder, especially as people start to relax as the vaccine rollout continues.
Consequently, a clean office environment has never been more crucial to businesses throughout the capital.

That is what Clean & Tidy is here for, of course. How can we help your place of work remain as healthy and clean as possible so that the chances of viral infections being passed on are minimised?

Professional Surface Cleaning

All areas where germs could be lurking need to be cleaned professionally on a daily basis. It is no use relying on workers to wipe down their workstation and telephone handset after use because, with the best will in the world, people tend to forget or rush when they are busy. This is why you need a more systematic approach – the sort of thing the trained cleaning operatives from Clean & Tidy provide throughout London and the South-East every day of the week.

Deep Carpet Cleans

Carpets are made from fibres which accumulate dirt. Vacuuming them helps to remove visible grime but not microbes. Booking Clean & Tidy to perform a professional deep clean will help to ensure any presence of the virus and bacteria that might also be there is done away with. We can work on all carpet types including carpet tiles laid over raised floors so you do not need to worry about your underfoot network cabling when we conduct a professional carpet clean.

Toilet Block Cleaning

If you have put together a risk assessment of your office during the pandemic, then one area that has probably come up is access to the toilet facilities. These can create access pinch points as well as the associated sanitary concerns. At Clean & Tidy, we will come up with a toilet block cleaning regime that fits in with your commercial operations to leave your toilets fully sanitised and ready for use without getting in the way.

Communal Areas

Finally, office managers should note that it is not just their offices that they need to be concerned with. Communal areas can be just as problematic with regards to Covid-19 so why not hire us to keep them clean for you until the crisis passes and we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief? Call us today for a quote.

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