19 Apr

How a Commercial Cleaning Company Actually Save Companies Money

At Clean & Tidy, we have been saving companies money for decades throughout the capital. We offer highly competitive rates to businesses in London as well as the home counties. So, you may find that you save money by asking us to quote for your cleaning service provision when you compare our charges to your current supplier. That said, it is certainly not all about driving costs down and creating operational efficiencies that makes Clean & Tidy such a useful cleaning contractor when it comes to saving money. What are the main ways we can help to look after the pennies and make a positive impact on your firm’s bottom line?

Get the Job Done Right First Time

If you hire casual cleaners or part-timers in the world of commercial cleaning, then you will get only a partial job done. At Clean & Tidy, your offices will be thoroughly cleaned every time, thereby ensuring that you don’t have to fork out to have jobs that should have been done completed again. In business, getting the job right the first time means saving time and money. And that is exactly what Clean & Tidy’s cleaners and account managers provide.

Deal With One-Off Cleaning Jobs In-House

Some cleaning jobs are routine. Others are not. For example, you may need your carpets vacuum cleaned every day but your kitchens once a week. Maybe your internal windows ought to be cleaned monthly but high-level glazing spruced up just a couple of times a year? Whatever the arrangement, it will be cheaper to turn to a cleaning firm that can do it all for you, as we can.

Maintain Your Flooring, Equipment and Working Environment

Cleaning is not just about basic cleanliness and hygiene but maintaining the working environment. Just think about how much longer carpet tiles will last if they are properly looked after by professional cleaners. Removing dust and grime from workstations and office equipment will mean dust does not build up and interfere with computer equipment, too. This means helping to lower your overall expenditure around the office.

Make Employees Feel Happier

People who work in a clean environment respect it more and will feel happier when they come in each day. As such, staff recruitment and retention costs should plummet. Why put up with a high employee turnover when cleaning your business premises might be all it takes to turn the situation around? After all, most employers report that hiring people and training them up is one of their most significant ongoing business costs.

Avoid Costly Insurance Claims

There are claims that are made against businesses all the time in the capital that come down to workplace accidents. Both employees and visitors can make a claim if they get ill from a dirty workplace or, even worse, slip over because cleaners have not put up the necessary warning signs. At Clean & Tidy, our professional operatives will work diligently at all times to ensure the health and safety of everyone.

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