12 Mar

Your Commercial Guide To Staying Covid-19 Clean

All commercial premises need to be cleaned for them to be healthy places to work and to maintain the right sort of professional atmosphere. In light of the pandemic, ensuring workplaces remain clean has never been more important. Of course, there is a big difference in clearing up in an office or a commercial kitchen, for example, at the end of the working day to remove clutter and deal with dust and ensuring that effective anti-viral measures have been taken. What do business owners, office managers and facilities managers need to take on board about staying Covid-19 clean? Read on to find out.

Deep Cleaning

Although there may be no presence of the virus at your premises, it is important that anyone who comes in feels confident that you have taken appropriate measures. In short, this will mean deep cleans need to take place more frequently than you may have been used to. Instead of always vacuum cleaning, for example, you should perform a deep clean of your carpets and upholstery once in a while. Although vacuum cleaning is important, it will not necessarily provide the same level of assurance as a deep clean. The same goes for washing your surfaces, toilet facilities and even your windows. The increased use of anti-viral wipes even in the hardest to reach places need to become a priority.

Professional Cleaning

Many business premises are either cleaned by the staff who work in them, perhaps on a rota basis, or by casual cleaners who come in at the end of the day to provide a ‘once over’. Such approaches may keep your place of work looking spick and span but they will not be enough to prevent diseases from proliferating. For a proper clean to be conducted, you need professional cleaning operatives. It is not so much that they will do a more thorough job – although they often do – but that they will have access to the sort of professional cleaning products that only commercial cleaning companies can purchase. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about casually employed cleaners calling in sick leaving your workplace uncleaned.


If you suffer from an outbreak of any disease, let alone Covid-19, then proper decontamination of your premises will be essential. This is likely to involve the use of enhanced personal protective equipment (PPE) among the cleaning operatives and a skilled approach to systematically removing any chance of further transmission. Again, experience in this area is what will count if it is to be carried out safely. Not all cleaners have the expertise to provide full decontamination service, after all.

Assessing Risk

Although thorough cleaning will always make commercial premises safer, there is no way that any business owner will be able to guarantee complete safety. This is why risk assessments are so important because they demonstrate that all of the relevant factors have been weighed up to inform the wider strategy. Many businesses will simply not have the know-how that is required for Covid secure risk assessments which is why outsourcing the job to professionals can also be so beneficial.

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