15 Feb

Five Reasons to Have Jet Washing Undertaken Professionally

The sort of high-pressure jet washers that are available for the domestic market are better than ever before. As such, you might be tempted to buy one and use it to clean your business premises, your car park or even the pavement on the street outside to smarten up the appearance of your enterprise. Indeed, you can even rent more powerful jet washers these days from plant hire outlet which, in fairness, often do a very reasonable job. However, neither solution is as good as turning to a professional company, such as Clean & Tidy, to carry out this sort of cleaning on your behalf. Why?

1. Trained Operatives

At Clean & Tidy, we employ fully trained operatives who are well versed in all aspects of cleaning a range of surfaces, not just in jet washing methods. As such, we know when to use them and when not to. We also know which techniques will work best on different materials. It is this know-how that you will miss out on if you attempt the job yourself. For the best cleaning results, why would you turn to any other service provider? After all, we have been cleaning in the capital since the 1980s!

2. Health and Safety

Writing risk assessments, utilising operator safety systems and cutting down on the probability of accidents are all part of what a professional cleaning service should offer. This is what you will get with Clean & Tidy, of course, something that is even more important to consider when jet washers are in use. For starters, these devices can generate significant amounts of pressure which can cause injuries in the wrong hands, either to employees or members of the public. Equally, you don’t want to damage items like guttering when washing them and have them fly off, potentially hitting someone.

3. Multi-Site Coverage

The teams at Clean & Tidy operate all over the capital. We can help you to have your premises jet washed whether they are in Uxbridge or East Ham, Tottenham or Tooting. What’s more, we cover the wider region, too, including all of the home counties. We have the manpower to jet wash all your sites, so why not use us?

4. Deal With Graffiti Quickly

Let’s face it, graffiti is not easy to remove even with jet washers. Doing so often takes time and a diligent approach. Given that we will also have chemical solutions we can bring to bear, removing graffiti quickly and effectively is a big advantage of turning to a professional cleaning firm. If not, then you and your clients will continue to see it for days, weeks and even months, even if you have been successful in fading it somewhat.

5. A Healthier Environment

In the capital, pollution from car fumes, bird droppings and VOCs can all build up on buildings and walkways, making people feel sick. There again, natural airborne particulates, like pollen, can also have a negative health outcome on workers. By professionally removing them with jet washers, your workforce will be happier, in better health and more productive.

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