Escalator Cleaning

We offer a 24/7 specialised escalator step cleaning service, so we can clean your escalators when it suits your business (and your visitors). This can be utilised for one-off cleans or as part of a regular escalator cleaning schedule.

 The build-up of dust and debris inside an escalator can accumulate very quickly, which can pose a fire risk and can cause malfunctions within the mechanics of the escalator, leaving you with an expensive repair bill. We clean escalators and travelators, in situ, to help avoid expensive bills.

By employing the latest technology and chemicals we can return dirty, unsightly escalators to their sparkling best. We use a combination of our specifically formulated chemicals to breakdown the grime and the gentle action of rotating brushes to remove the dirt and debris from your escalator treads.

Our highly trained operatives will clean your escalator footplates (often by hand, removing any materials from the treads), before applying our specifically formulated cleaning fluid.

escalator cleaning

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 The glass balustrades will be cleaned using the same techniques used in our professional window cleaning service. Finally the stainless steel skirting of your escalator will be cleaned and polished, leaving the best shine possible.


 Regular escalator cleaning will greatly reduce the maintenance costs for your escalators. Get in touch to see how we can help.