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Commercial Escalator Cleaning Services

There can be little doubt that one of the hardest things to keep clean in any shop, large office or public space is an escalator. For one thing, these sorts of devices are usually on the move meaning that they don’t just pick up grime and debris as people use them but they keep shifting it around.

Equally, escalators tend to be installed in places with a heavy footfall – they are designed to keep people on the go, after all – which means they have to put up with a lot of abuse even if much of it is entirely accidental.

Equally, escalators are not constructed anything like conventional staircases which means that cleaning operatives need to know them inside and out if they are to do an effective job. This is exactly the sort of service we offer at Clean & Tidy. Why should you contact us about cleaning your escalators?

escalator cleaning
escalator cleaning service

Key Considerations in Escalator Cleaning

Commercial escalator cleaning services should provide a professional level of cleanliness no matter how often, or infrequently, you need your escalators to be spruced up.

Whether you are taking part in a preventative maintenance exercise to service your escalator and want it cleaned at the same time or would like a daily clear up of any dirt that has accumulated in the last 24 hours, we can help.

We clean office escalators, those in public realm environments (both inside and out) and conveyor belts which are, essentially, escalators that are horizontally arranged.

Anyone who wants a thorough cleaning job done will, of course, be focussed on the build-up of dirt on each individual step as it interconnects with the next. At Clean & Tidy, we also pay particular attention to the handrail, the landing platforms and the all-important balustrade panels.

Since the latter are commonly made from toughened glass, they tend to show dirt off and consequently require particular attention.

Trained Operatives in Commercial Escalator Cleaning Services

Our fully trained cleaners are experts in many areas of specialist cleaning service provision, including working from height and lift cleaning, for example.

As an established cleaning firm for the whole of the South East, not just the capital, we also regularly undertake escalator cleaning work throughout the region.

This can be arranged during your usual downtime or we can work in a safe manner while you are still open for business, as you prefer.

Our operatives will be supplied with specially formulated products that are ideal for removing the sort of grime that forms in the grooves of escalator footplates. They will be managed by your account contact and provide you with an exemplary service you can be proud of.

commercial escalator cleaning
commercial escalator cleaning service

Talk to Us About Our Comprehensive Commercial Escalator Cleaning Service

We’d love to hear from you if you have one or more escalators that need cleaning.

We can help your escalators to look as good as new while keeping your ongoing maintenance costs down by ensuring that all the elements of your escalators are in good condition, thereby minimising the possibility of them requiring repair work.

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The glass balustrades will be cleaned using the same techniques used in our professional window cleaning service. Finally the stainless steel skirting of your escalator will be cleaned and polished, leaving the best shine possible.

 Regular escalator cleaning will greatly reduce the maintenance costs for your escalators. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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