15 Feb

Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning Throughout Lockdown

At Clean & Tidy, we appreciate that many places of work – including commercial kitchens – have not been running as usual throughout the various lockdown measures and tiered restrictions that have been in place in the recent past. Therefore, thinking about deep cleaning your commercial kitchen might be the very last thing you are considering right now. However, this is exactly the right time to ensure that your kitchen has undergone a more thorough than usual clean. Why?

To begin with, lots of commercial kitchens have continued to operate to some extent or other during lockdown. The prime example of this would be a restaurant kitchen which has been modified temporarily for kitchen staff to be able to work with one another in the provision of takeaway food. Yes, there are many kitchens in the South-East of England which are are entirely devoted to takeaways already. However, the restrictions on dining guests the government introduced means that numerous restaurant kitchens are now only providing a takeaway service.

Of course, this also means that there are people coming and going with all of the potential for viral infection that flows from it. Whether it is your deliveries being unpacked into you cold store or directly into your kitchens, your own staff turning up for work with an infection they don’t realise they have or a transmission that occurs at the front of house when customers turn up, there is always the chance of an outbreak.

This is not to say that kitchen managers and restaurateurs don’t take their responsibilities seriously. Rather, any place of work where human interactions take place offers the chance of this unwanted potential outcome. However, in the case of commercial kitchens, the ramifications can be worse than other places of work. This is because the public tends to be put off any establishment that is subject to even the mildest of public health problems.

So, you need to keep trading while also maintaining your reputation as a place where kitchen hygiene is paramount. This means deep cleaning your kitchens, working into all of the hard to reach places, not just the easy to reach and regularly used working surfaces. Defrosting fridges and freezers so you can work sanitising products into each and every corner is also important. That’s why we provide extensive and professionally delivered commercial kitchen deep clean services.

What’s more, we can work around you and your team’s current commitments so that your operations are not unduly compromised by the deep cleaning process. Bear in mind that we have professional cleaners who are fully trained in sanitation and commercial hygiene, something that is a cut above asking tired kitchen staff to wipe down after the end of a busy shift. As lockdown measures slowly ease, so more and more demand will be placed on the hospitality sector as a whole. Therefore, the time for a deep commercial kitchen clean is now – before things start to ramp up again.

Why leave it and risk discovering a problem when you can take proactive steps with Clean & Tidy today?

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