12 Mar

Clean & Tidy Are BICSc Members

At Clean & Tidy, our management team can bring to bear over six decades of combined experience in the world of property maintenance and cleaning. This means that we possess an in-depth knowledge of all parts of commercial cleaning, something that is backed up by our various ISO accreditations – we are certified under ISO 45001:2018, for example. In addition to this helping us to provide specialist and daily cleaning services to businesses throughout the capital and the home counties, it means we can ensure we offer as smooth and efficient a service as possible to our clients.

Furthermore, we are also proud corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, otherwise known as BICSc for short. All of the cleaning operatives we recruit are trained on-site by us in line with guidelines set out by BICSc so you should rest assured that the standard being set is a very high one indeed. Of course, we have plenty of know-how in cleaning training to offer, too. So, as well as cleaning with BICSc methods, we also ensure that everyone who works for Clean & Tidy meets the standard of professional conduct we would expect.

Of course, there are different sorts of cleaning jobs which means that different sorts of training will be required from time to time. After all, working at height to clean the windows of a multi-storey office block may require a different set of skills that would be needed in a commercial kitchen or to scrub an antique marble floor, for example. Rest assured that our in-house training meets all of the requirements BICSc lays down. As such, all our team members will be certified to the required standard in their designated cleaning duties. However, this will only occur once they have reached the required standard set out by our vigilant management team.

We joined BICSc in 2018 largely because of the high standards it requires. Clean & Tidy is one of the leading and most established commercial cleaning companies in London, so it is only fitting that we decided to apply for membership of BICSs, the largest independent, professional and educational body functioning within the cleaning industry in the UK today. Furthermore, BICSc has been around for some time, setting the standards in professional cleaning since 1961, long before Clean & Tidy was founded in 1984.

BICSc has over 45,000 members, made up of both individuals and corporate members, like Clean & Tidy. According to the trade body’s mission statement, it aims to protect cleaning operatives, to provide a clean and safe environment for everyone and to preserve assets for the future. In addition, BICSc is well-known in the industry for promoting greater sustainability and sharing best practices among cleaning firms. This outlook is very much in keeping with the way Clean & Tidy operates. Not only does our membership mean that we take all these things seriously but it helps our clients to realise that our standards are at the cutting edge of the cleaning industry today.

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