15 Feb

5 Benefits of Commercial Floor Scrubbing and Polishing

We are proud to be corporate members of the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) at Clean & Tidy which means you can turn to us with complete confidence when it comes to commercial floor scrubbing and polishing. Many businesses we clean for have carpets that require a deep clean from time to time as well as their more usual vacuuming. However, there are plenty of places of work, such as laboratories, gyms, schools and older office buildings in the capital that have hard floors instead. Some are made from very modern and hard-wearing materials whereas others might be made of softer and more delicate ones, such as marble. Whatever sort of flooring you happen to have, turning to Clean & tidy to carry out commercial floor scrubbing and polishing services on your behalf will make a great deal of sense. Why?

1. Access to the Right Equipment

Floor scrubbers and polishers are available to hire from numerous outlets but the ones that professional cleaning companies invest in are of a much higher quality. These units will make a much bigger difference to the standard of cleaning your flooring receives than virtually any other factor – a key reason to talk to Clean & Tidy about your commercial flooring requirements, of course.

2. Create the Right Impression

If you stick with mopping your floors from time to time, then you can keep them in a reasonably good condition for a while. However, over time, the cleanliness of floors will diminish. When you walk over your company’s floor every day, you may not notice just how grimy it has become. Booking an annual or a bi-annual commercial scrubbing and polishing service will make all the difference when visitors first turn up and see your floors.

3. Industrial Know-How That Delivers

There is more to commercial floor scrubbing and polishing than you might realise. Firstly, you need to adapt your methods to the particular flooring type you are dealing with. Some chemicals can be too abrasive on certain floor types while others need a very hands-on approach to remove ground-in stains. Since Clean & Tidy works all over the South-East region providing professional floor scrubbing and cleaning services, we are the perfect company to turn to.

4. Cleaner and More Hygienic Flooring

When your floors are cleaned and scrubbed by a commercial cleaning firm, they will look so much better. That is all a part of making the right impression with your own employees as well as visitors, of course. However, it will also mean your floors will be less prone to germs and microbes. These things get walked in all the time so if you want your workforce to remain healthy and productive, have your flooring cleaned professionally!

5. Health and Safety Concerns

Lastly, commercial floor scrubbing and polishing can make your flooring slippery for a time. To get around this, the relevant health and safety procedures need to be followed carefully. In short, this means hiring professional operatives who are well-versed to working safely in commercial environments.

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